Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The ending to our black eyed bean chili

We spent our weekend attending a family wedding. As in many Malay weddings, food was sumptuous, and we had two meals, a pre-wedding dinner, and the next day the wedding lunch. Rich briani rice and meat dishes was among the menu. And all the dessert that was hard to resist. When we got home yesterday evening, and hungry, I went on to reheat my black eyed bean chili for a quick dinner. Today I made some more flour tortilla and again eat them with the last of the very modified chili.


Besides olive oil and garlic, some cut little green chillies (super hot) from the family backyard garden was first added to the pan. This was followed by two tablespoons of pasta sauce, and half cup of water. Once boiled I put in the rest of the left over black eyed bean chili to the pan, and left it simmering for five minutes or so. The soupy chili and some crackers was my dinner.

For our lunch today, I made another batch of pizza dough, and turned it into six pieces of tortilla. My son eat  his tortilla as cheese quesadilla. I eat mine with the last portion of the chili. And the tortilla became the warps for our bake chicken dinner.

With that I've no more chili nor bean. It is about time to get some more black eyed beans and other type of beans for more beans cooking. Soon.

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