Thursday, 14 March 2013

Black eyed bean chili modified

My Tuesday chili looked anemic and lacking of punch. Luckily I had yet to freeze them, it was still in the fridge. So I ladled about two cups into a pan and added slices oyster mushrooms, diced tomatoes and a blob of Tesco ready made spicy spaghetti sauce. Then some pepper and a pinch of dried oregano leafs. After adding a half cup of water I let it boiled till no more water was left. Finally I'd a decent looking chili. Yeah to a much better taste lunch.

I still have four more serving of the original chili in the freezer. May be I'll add some meat in the next portion I'm going to have, or some root vegetables as I originally planned. The bread was made Tuesday evening, was meant as a pizza dough, but some ended up as tortilla and the rest to make three longish oregano rosemary dinner bread.

In our house food tends to get on our lunch/dinner plate looking different from what it was originally intended. There is not much rule we follow, really, just that food be great tasting, nutritious and non junk. In between we eat some vegetables soup, fruit and salad. And drink plenty of water. Although I eat plenty of plant foods, I'm not a vegetarian. We also drink a good amount of milk. And kind of dependent on cheese and yogurt. My son eat much more animal protein as fish, chicken and beef, on top of dairy products. He certainly has to up his vegetable intake beyond tomato base sauces, and mushrooms. Good thing he is much better at eating his fruit these days than in in his early years. Today his lunch is a simple (bread) pizza ... same bread as mine above, but the bread got spaghetti sauce topping first before it was topped with extra cheese. Dinner will be baked chicken wings, for him. And I'll have another helping of chili.

Hope everyone's day is a great one.
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