Friday, 3 May 2013

A-Z Challenge Reflections: What a trip

Made to Z as scheduled. Wow what a trip. My first time and am I glad I did it.

It is not the writing that was difficult but deciding what to write was more of the challenge for the A-Z. And I think that is also true for many things in life. It is not just about doing thing right but doing the right thing - the old management book said. Rather than prepared post I'd instead went for a day at a time post ... although the working titles, in our case working destination, the actual writing was done on the day of posting ... the most, was done a day before. And such relief was felt when a post was already written for the following day. Less pressure and more fun visiting other blogs. Felt less self centered. Perhaps for next challenge it would be wise to prepare my posts ahead of time.

Still the experience and lesson learned for opting a day at a time posting method is priceless. Write no matter how you feel, no matter if the creative juice stops flowing or as DL Hammons said you get constipated idea wise. Write without apology, J.A. Bennettt gave her most valuable of writing tips. Go on -- write and just have a good time, many of the A-Z Challenge home posts push you on. Everywhere you look and read words of support and encouragement were presented and shared so generously. That took you to the top of the wave of writing crest and moved you onward.

Side by side your writing buddies continue on even with daily life calling for attention. I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity to be a member in such writers community. Thank you all of you of A-Z Challenge Team Organizer and participants. All the best, and see you around the blog.

Alternative Foodie