Sunday, 10 March 2013

Photo Weekend: Tamar Valley, Tasmania

Bell Brook Forest


I'm in the wood
Walking aimlessly
I'm sure I'm not the only one
Who has no clue what is it
That I want.

I've been talking with the stars
So far they have been silent
If not for the occasional light displays
That is too far away
To even think of catching.

It has been said
Life without goals
Is like a ship lost
Abandoned by captain and crews
Should it reached a shore
A really rocky one
That would be its end.
Am I looking for that rocky shore?
Is it not better to drift some more?
Till sea water sipped through my
Weathered body
As sea bird perch high
Among my tattered sails
To rest and ponder
Which way to fly next.

Yes, I like that thought
To slowly sink
Into deep watery grave
Where sharks play
And moray eels prey.

Who knows I get lucky
To reach soft sandy shore
With palm trees swaying in warm afternoon breeze
Among children laughing
And a mother calling
"Come home son. The muezzin is calling. Time for prayers"
I think I recognized her.

Penned in 'the wood' on Tuesday morning, Nov 22, 2005: 9.15am local time, while thinking about the Mercury Retrograde Transit

Grapes of Tamar Valley 

All photos are of Tamar Valley of Autumn 2005. A friend who has a hobby farm invited us to spend the cool Tasmanian weather, and enjoy the vastness of Tamar Valley. It an enchanting stay.
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