Friday, 29 March 2013

A - Z Challenge Prelude

A- Z Challenge. What I got myself into? It had been plain sailing blogging until I signed up for a challenge. Should I decide on  a theme, or just random alphabetical thought and take it a day at a time? What if I ran out of ideas? Hmmm .. ooh lala. Should I laid out all A to Z topic, bake it all, and just do a quick reheat prior to get it on air. I don't know. I know me good! I change my mind all the time. I talked to Digital - all he has been doing just adds to my anxiety - 10 more days mum. It is next week, mum!!! Mum?? May be I should just hand over this challenge to him. Or play word game.

water filled balloon

 "Really, we are going to start with a word Game?"


"Alright! I start. Is it a thing?"

"It could be."

"Is it on this earth?"


"Hmm. Too easy mum. It is a place and start with an A"

pressured water filled balloon
"Duuhh, I don't know."

"Well, unless you just want to talk about Alphabets."

"Like ABC?"

"But mum?"

"ABC can be for Air Batu Campur you know".

"Mum, that is in Malay. How about Albuquerque? Or Antwerp. You can write, From Antwerp to Albuquerque in six months."

water filled balloon no more,
only air filled plastic ball is intact.
"That starts with an F. Anyway it would also take six months to write. I'm crazy but not crazy enough, and I don't like half baked work."

"Or also means, instant noddle dinner all month long for me. Alright ... ABC then."

"You mean the Air Batu Campur?"

"Yeah. I want mine only with shaved ice and syrup, no bean no cendol OK. Until you have to write on B & C ...  ha ha ha"

"Ooh shut up. I know what A is for. It is for air (English) and air (water in Malay). I'll show you the air/water signage next time we go to a petrol station."

"Maybe they should just use one word. Air for both air and water. To cool your car and to fill your tires with. Just don't get all mixed up OK. Ha ha ha."


Alternative Foodie & digital

Photos are from geometric project on constant volume, surface variable, and surface integrity. Of dot, sphere and toroid. Non-Euclidean.

P/s Now that this is already published, gotta find another topic for A. That instant noddles daily dinner thought looks promising. It might just work after all. 

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