Sunday, 24 March 2013

Shiny Things & Happy Earth Hour

I don't remember when was the last time I bought anything for the kitchen; but I amended that. Yesterday (Saturday) and Thursday, I went shopping at a moving sale at one of the well known stores. The closing date  is March 31st, but on Thursday I saw merchandise were going out pretty fast. I was still looking for a few items so went again yesterday. I was looking for a kettle. Stainless steel preferably, and whistling. I burned two pots already since our last kettle gone mute and got burned. Digital had reminded me over and over to get a new kettle, before we burn everything else. I spied our family home for extra kettle - nope, just one huge electric and a small whistling one. Anyhow, the one thing I wanted was not really put on sale - the sale assistant said it is already on best price. OK. I like to see the number, before, and sale price, weather that is real before price or false mark up price. Still I'm quite happy with our 4 Liter stainless steel whistling kettle. I hope it will last for a long time;  more than 10 years is good. I bought it for RM99.00 Make that RM100. We also bought 4 ramekin bowls. Pot pie & brulee  was on my mind. They were marked down by 70% - hopefully now that we have ramekins won't be feeling like an incomplete baker anymore. But that is not the end. Four ramekins was not enough, what if we had the dinning table filled to the max - all six seat taken? We were short of two ramekins. I first justified my purchase to Digital, he said, not bad, mum. But is it worth it? He asked. Oouucch. And with dignity, I said yes.

So I went shopping again. Remember, for two ramekins. Along the way some other bowls and plates got picked up. They were all had been put back and the shopping list was once again referred - utility scissor, lemon hand juicer and a cutting board. Four pieces of forks and one BPA free Bros water bottle were also added to the shopping basket. We seem to be losing our forks - most likely from our picnics and traveling snack/lunch packs. Hmm, there has to be a way to prevent these loss. One extra water bottle gives us a bottle each. Digital likes this new one.

We already have two cutting boards, one for meat and fish, and the other for fruit, vegetables and ready to eat (to prevent cross contamination). Our current ready to eat cutting board is big (and heavy) that I tended to wash over and over my meat fish cutting board and use it for vegetables and fruits as well. Now, we'll use our giant cutting board just for baked foods.

The exchange list:

Kettle RM 99.00
Ramekins (6) RM 72.00
Cutting board RM 34.00 (best buy)
Utility scissor RM 6.90
Lemon hand juicer RM 4.90
Forks (4) RM 9.80
750 ml water bottle RM 10.00 (best buy)
Parking (two sessions) RM 11.00 (almost the price of one ramekin bowl, Grrr)

Now we have our water boiled, lemon juice for lemonade, and an extra water filled water bottle  to carry around. We are set for next adventure.

Hope everyone's Earth Hour had been a meaningful one.
Alternative Foodie.

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