Monday, 29 April 2013

Yelps!!! Yellow penguins took our plane!

Two Yorkshire Terriers went to London
Highly energetic and eager for adventure
They thought they could find some Yak
To help haul their bulging backpacks

Instead they Yapped away with some couchsurfers
Exchanging stories of Convent Garden's treasures
And danced the night in between sips
Of carrot juice and mango lassi

It is not surprising they kept Yawning
Thinking about a plane to Paris
3 pm the next day it should be
Yay till noon then they could sleep

Was that a Yellow penguin flying by my window?
Or perhaps a Yaffingale?
No no ... Those were penguins riding a plane.
That was my plane too, mummy terrier said. Waking up from a nightmare.
3 pm plane had flown to Paris
Not 3 pm leaving for airport.

Two Yorkshire Terriers left London
Heading for one night in Paris
A plane late only
In time for KL breakfast
In 24 hours.

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