Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Out of Ohio

It is probably more apt to call this posting "Bound to Ohio" as it took us almost a day and a night to leave Ohio. Our first attempt failed big, as digital called it. It was already end of Spring and into May. We had gone to the Chocolate Factory, had a fun Easter, peeked into a couple of Museums, frequented the library, walked Columbus street, watched Scioto River flooded its bank as well visited COSI. It was time to go to another city - the Washington D.C.

The Chocolate Factory

Children playing while waiting to enter the Chocolate Factory
(and the mirrored wall)

Easter eggs of Wooster

Digital and big bird at Mike's parents'

Digital with Pat & MrP (Mike's parents)

Park by the Scioto River

Having fun at COSI

Columbus street

Scioto River (emptied into Ohio River,
that emptied into Mississippi River)

Santa Maria replica by the Scioto River

Columbus in Spring

Nice art on the street of Columbus

On the way to the Library

Kids corner

Right at home!

Our mode of transportation was to be the economically priced Mega Bus. Two seats were booked and paid for with good saving made. On the day of departure Mike drove us to Columbus downtown, heading to Nationwide and North High Street junction where the Mega Bus was to pick us up. That never happen.  All roads to High Street and Nationwide were blocked. A traffic officer directed us to a road paralleled to High Street, and as close to where the bus was going to pick us up. But he also told us no way a bus could enter Nationwide, not until the event of the day, which was a Cancer Walk concluded. Mike managed to drop us a block away from  the pick up place, and we walked to Nationwide - High Street junction. Not a single vehicle, just walkers, in the thousands and music. Wow, we had missed this event announcement from our Columbus calendar.

It was fun to watch the proceedings but also it was a very confusing time for us. We badly needed to get to our bus, that would take us to Pittsburgh for a connecting bus to Washington D.C. Another traffic officer managed to get us in contact with the Mega Bus costumer service. Mega Bus costumer service said they would call us back to let us know where we should go for the bus. Still in the noise and all the chaos the bus left without us. When I called Mega Bus again, they told me I did not answer their call that was supposed to tell us where to get the bus. I did not hear my phone rang, we must  had been right in the middle of all the people making their way on High street. I was heart broken. It took so much to arrange our trip to Washington DC and then New York. We had hosts waiting for us in both cities. Later I found out that another pick up place was at the Ohio Sate University, further North of the Columbus City. If I had known I would had gone there right away. On the street with no internet access - that was the hard reality we faced of being unwired in a wired world. For me that was Murphy Law at its best.

Merry walkers

Digi trying to shut out loud sound and music

Pink team

The crowd coming from North on High Street,
right at the Nationwide Junction

We finally called Mike (who had to leave to meet a friend in another part of the city) to tell him what happened. I just wanted to fly to DC. But Mike thought the Greyhound was probably a much cheaper option. We managed to get two greyhound bus seats that cost us USD 180,  that probably was just slightly cheaper than flight tickets. The original Mega Bus seats from Columbus to Washington DC was only USD 24 for both Digital and I. But instead of departing at 9.00 in the morning, we departed at 10 at night, and only arrived in Washington D.C. early morning, the next day.

Digi eating his breakfast out of Ziploc bag

We headed to our hotel for a short rest and to clean up after a night of bus ride. The hotel was booked because our Washington D.C host could only host us from the 2nd night onward. Funny how we planned life, and how life turned out.

Alternative Foodie.


  1. What an awesome trip!! I love the photo's.
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  2. Sorry you had problems with the bus. Other than that, it sounds like you had a great trip. Wonderful photos too!


  3. Wow! Lots of stuff happening there wasn't there? I just recently heard about the COSI museum and think it might be a really fun place to make a trip over to.

    Take care!