Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Train ride to beloved Teachers

The train left Union Station, LA, just before sunset. Seeing places we had not seen before. Rows of factories. And more of them. As we left the lights of LA, the shape of low hills disappeared fast. Perhaps it was starlit night up in the sky. We saw only dark night. Was it the night of the eclipse? We were not sure.

With our tummies filled with Chicken BBQ from the dining room, eyes sleepless, Digi and I played the guess what word game, of places we passed before this last leg of our journey, to Albuquerque. To visit my English and Physic teachers, a husband and wife, who I last said goodbye in 1979.

"Do you think they still recognize you mum?"

"I've not the slightest doubt."

And there she was, my beloved Sandy, waiting for us by the train, calling "Somsiah!!!"

"Albuquerque at 6,000 feet! Here we go!."  Digi exclaimed.

And I couldn't wait to catch up with Bart and Sandy..

Alternative Foodie


  1. What a wonderful end to a wonderful trip!

  2. i love riding the train! and full bellies!

  3. Such and adventure! Happy A-to-Z 2013! ~Angela, Whole Foods Living, http://www.wholefoodsliving.blogspot.com/

  4. Sounds like you had a great time, lovely ending:)