Saturday, 20 April 2013

R & R

We arrived back in Columbus exactly two weeks prior to trip to Los Angeles and New Mexico. It was then the end of May and beginning of June. Just perfect for Memorial Day weekend festivities. And the day before we left for West Cost, we managed to squeeze in The Art Festival. Here are our weekend edition of Rest Day in photos.

Official on Flag Day

Field of Honour

More Flags

As seen, Battle of Columbus

The warriors

Time for pow wow

In full dress

Pow Wow with Native Americans

Asian Festival @ Conservatory
(Thai Dancers)

Noah Ark?

Japanese team getting ready

I get thirsty too you know
(Dancers at the Asian Festival)

It was a really hot day ...

Artist work
(Art Festival, Columbus)

Digi and glass work

Just beautiful

Awesome read

I hope everyone is having a good R&R.
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  1. Wow! More amazing art work. I love the one with the bridges. :-)

  2. Very good eyes, Ermie. You saw that. Thinking of running away on Abroad eh ;)

  3. I enjoyed the visit through your camera.
    A - Z Challenge

    1. I'm happy to hear you are enjoying our photos, Francene. Thank you too for writing us a comment. That is so much appreciated. Wish you a fun week ahead.

  4. Great R words! I love taking some time for R and R. And it looks like you really know how to do it, based on your pictures.

  5. R&R is sneaky way to keep us going for A-Z, Melanie or I've to write, am running out of ideas ;)