Friday, 26 April 2013


Today is the letter W - and it is for Wooster, Ohio.

While in Ohio, we spent most of our weekends at Mike's parents'  in Wooster. There were special occasions, birthdays & Easter to attend. There were also spontaneous family gatherings or just lazing around.. We worked some weekends -  for food of course. We also went kayaking at the Mohican State Park, North of Mount Vermont with the local crews - Mike, Megan and Zack. Thoroughly awesome time but no photo - too scared that we might gotten our camera wet ... one never knew when kayaking if you could stay in your kayak all the time. Digi and I relatively stayed dry, but Megan and Zack got all wet as their kayak turned over. That could make a good photo capture but they would probably kill us for taking advantage at their misadventure.

Juicy looking raspberries next to be picked

This is the color  of berry you can pick ...

Have to say goodbye to the farm too

Long road ahead - driving on the wrong side for me

Our stay in the USA had come to an end, a few days short of six months since we left Kuala Lumpur. It was another difficult goodbye. Digi who had a hard time leaving Kuala Lumpur six months ago, was having much harder time saying goodbye to his Ohio friends. He did't cry though. Had grown so much while on the road.

Till next time, USA
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  1. We had a wonderful time, Lynn. Thank you so much for keeping us company. And wish you the best for the next three letters ... x, y & z. Almost there ;)

  2. You have so many really good photos in this post, but that one of the raspberries is especially nice.