Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Schooling on the run - reading map

Washington, DC
When my late husband, an American, felt that going out of Malaysia was a much more tolerable activity than going to the immigration office to get extension of stay, we as a family begun our three monthly excursions. Not really to far away places from Kuala Lumpur but of mostly weekend trips to Thailand and  Singapore. Wanting to not keep rushing back while on these travels, I opted for early retirement. But that is just the short story (the early retirement)..

Meanwhile, my son became adept at being a suitcase baby, then a toddler and to a running one. Home, airport, walkabout, airport and back home are checkpoints to him. But there were also a lot of waiting at these checkpoints and between; so we took pictures and read to each other, as well reading street names, signage, menus and exhibition narratives. My son must have thought that reading is a skill needed to be acquired just like talking and walking. Along the way he learned to read maps too. " I want a map, please." was one of his constant requests. By the time we arrived at Disney, he was in charge with getting us around. That he is now 13, map reading  no longer seems to be his obsession. Lost of interest to where he is? Or that now geography lesson is becoming too much of a school work than fun of running around. Hmmm we have to have a talk on this.

King's Park, Perth

Disney, California
I think maps is also a beginning of learning what is the real world and what is an abstraction. He insisted that is why becoming a video game designer would be a perfect fit for him.

Meh, he is just trying to get that PS 4, which he knew very well is going to be a long wait, if we ever going to get one. He has been chasing this elusive PSD (Play station deluxe) since eons.

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