Monday, 11 February 2013

Schooling on the run - an intro

Alright, so this is school : (following mom on a river safari)
This is a subject I tread with most care. But I believe learning is beyond schooling, is never ending, only that one has to be willing. In the beginning I pored over books, talked with the experts, what should I do, is my son ADHD, autistic? What to make of a child who started reading at two and having difficulty writing at six? A curious child who has always been on the the move. I finally took him out of school when the headmaster said that they could make him sit still and follow his teacher's instruction like most of his classmates; and in Digital's own words, make him 100% good, but we would had to lose him as we knew him.

Let me test this water (helping mom on water sampling)

"I'm like Stitch, mom. I've a glitch." when told he was not behaving well on a particular day; like hiding under the table while others were doing their writing assignment; or exploring the school when the rest were doing their work in the classroom. With encouragement from his earlier kindergarten teacher who gave the opinion that Digital just learn diffrently, we decided to let him learn at his own pace. School then continued as he had been doing so six years prior, on the run.

Getting to know a new friend, "Like this?"
(Following mom on a community nutrition field work )

Getting to know a new friend, "There you got it."

As honorary village council member

We will be alright, son. InsaAllah.
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