Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bread: Where did we go wrong?

Home made honey oat bread
My introduction to bread on a regular basis was at the boarding school I went, at 16. White and taste horrible. It was usually served with margerine and jams, and  one half-boiled egg, every other day, at breakfast time. My bread had always been white untill my 3rd year of undergrad, the year I started my course in food science and nutrition. Way back in 1979. Ooh man! It was then I found out that there were such thing as breads made from whole wheat, and other grains. I had never seen one, way back then.

The first thar came on the market was brown bread,  called roti jagong (corn bread, but not the corn bread, but bread that were partly made of whole wheat and may be corn meals). This so called roti jagong, even to this presently, some still as bread for the diabetics. Now another related history, way way back in my childhood days. early teen (70s), when someone is diagnosed with diabetes, the two food items forbidden/under strict control then were rice & sugar. Might be an overly simplified dietary guide, but not too far off from what we know today, in controlling blood sugar level.

Back to bread; today our breads are of endless variety. Today too, many weight control, health related issues are being associated with grain intakes especially as bread. Apart from bread being mainly made of wheat san nutrient except carbodydrate, even in so called whole wheat bread, and apart from food arlergies gluten, to my view, bread is not bad. That bread is getting a bad rap just as I begin to love eating bread is so not fair!!!

Bread ingredient: Bleached all purpose flour, salt water, yeast, milk, eggs, oil ... oat, honey?
So, the oat and honey is only a small portion of bread ingredient. I must say that this home made bread is heavenly. The next step is to change our bread ingredients to at least unbleached flour, and better still of whole meal, be it wheat or corn. And certainly, no more the dreaded white bread of my student days on the dining table.


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