Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rooted in nutty beans and seeds with lots of greens

This is another food blog as though there is not enough what is already in cyberspace. Like I do not already had blogs that some I have forgotten how to access them. But I do like Mr Bean (the series) and beans in a pot dishes. At my age, eating beans or for that matter rice itself makes a good living with gas. Ooh man. We are nuts. No no not just being nutty figuratively, but loving nuts and seeds as food too. For example, yesterday I had a clear beans and lentils soup with cubes of sweet potato. Yumms. This morning, breakfast was quinoa salad and boiled sweet potatoes. I'm born and breed a rice eater right in the middle of the paddy field that dad owned  in an area he participated in turning a virgin jungle into one of the now famous Malaysian rice bowl. Sekinchan, Selangor. And these days I'm venturing away from eating rice by the platefuls. A new blog must accompany this epic transformation!!!

Beans, lentils, mushrooms and sweet potato soup

Thus another blog road is taken, of note scribles, written on digital paper, on thought of daily foods, exotic or otherwise; seen for its nutritional and health contribution, presented again as daily meals in total or modified to suit my palate. Nah. It is more about my taste being modified to suit my preference for super fast and easy easy food prep. Still there will be write up on food prep that are true to tradition, that are nutritious and healthful with their yummy factor intact.

Quinoa salad and boiled sweet potato

Still this blog will not be just about food but of life as a whole. A minimalist simple life I aspire to have.

It will be a road well taken. InsaAllah.

For now.
Happy Chinese New Year Folks
and save travels to whichever destinations you are heading this festive season

Alternative Foodie
My son remarked, "But you already have blogs mom. Who is going to read them anyway." {{After I jubilantly announced to him I have a new blog}} "May be just your friends or whoever is stalking us?" Uuh uh my son the pragmatic man!!!

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